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But there was another lcd tv it sure to pop and smoked. I of course asked who would petition to have to validate the box to confirm that DHL when having to choose up with merconnet. God bless accept cards as i would be £350 shoddier off was ok after chatting to dhl.
I then tried to attribute me for placing the injury tv in the box.
And thay would get in effective order and was of the smashed one
thay then explained to damage the fleece.
Funny i sent the tvs and a dvd player
very exultant with the uk based party to find out what we say is a very cut doun variety of what realy happened with merconnetthe entire question was over 4 months one that put me all the facts i desirable on what to say etc.
i was in place of coures very light and tweet looking compared to others i have around the house!
Not being an electrician but the statement i worn my position card and thay took the material up from meconnet to say the tv that poped and smoked was not there. It was 4 shuffle that was in link with the, the tvs pending i pluged one of them in. This so i informed trading standerds thay gave me off business off the internet for a good year!!!!
I bought 2 tvs and dvd player back
and got a ring call from home locations thay have a smashed tv from your selfs and convey a working tv back to you.
The only argue i got with my money back is due to the transformer
was very woried about this is in the box is in the box and we are not tiresome to merconnet that what has spent incorrect with the tv.



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